Author: Beycome

Investing in the renovations of your home to increase its property value as soon as possible is a smart move as a homeowner. However, not all renovations are created equally as the market is not only in flux but buyers’ values reflect clearly the present day and are in flux as well.

Just because you decide to put in the money to renovate a certain part of your house doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve automatically increased the value of your home. Understanding this and proceeding accordingly is important in avoiding investing in a renovation that doesn’t increase your home’s value based on the value of the current, modern buyer in 2019.

That being said, It’s important to choose the correct renovations that increase your value and make the cost of your renovations relative to the increased value of your property as low as possible. 

Below are the top 10 home renovations in 2019 that not only increase the value of your property but increase the value of your home at the lowest cost to you and the most worthwhile investments.

1) Increase square footage

Square footage has one of the largest impacts on the value of your home or condo. When buyers are looking for the home they want to purchase, your house is priced based on the current snapshot of the market and therefore the actual price of the home serves mostly to have buyers hone in on homes they can afford and then switches them immediately to finding what value they can have for that price.

One of the first things buyers look for in value is the square footage of your home. Even if you increase the square footage by only a little bit, perhaps creating a larger and upgraded kitchen only if you are able to increase your square footage more than other homes in your area you will automatically create more value to your home. Buyers want to know how much they are paying per square foot when they are comparing houses similar in style, upgrades, and price.

The basement is another good place to consider adding some square footage – or, alternatively, a deck can even function to help you out renovation-wise. 

When it comes to investing in a renovation to increase the value of your home, square footage is on the top of your list. It’s the smartest, fastest way to increase value across the board for any interested buyer.

2) Create a space to rent

Creating a space to rent, whether that be adding another bathroom off of a bedroom to create a private bathroom/bedroom that can be rented out, or adding an entire efficiency addition to your home will increase its value immensely. 

As a homeowner, having a property that can offer you passive income is incredibly valuable and especially appealing to a lot of buyers today. Not only will this potentially create more square footage as mentioned above, but creating a space to rent also makes the additional square footage immediately profitable. 

This can easily become a huge value boost and buyer draw when compared against other homes of a similar price.

3) Transfer to energy efficient routes as much as possible

The reality is that in 2019, the generational group that is interested in purchasing homes has energy efficiency not only in mind but as a large priority. Wherever you can remodel and renovate your house so that it is more energy efficient, go for it. 

Solar panels on the roof would be a big step, but a worthwhile one. Another more basic yet effective route would be to change all lighting in your home to LED lighting. 

You can schedule an audit with an energy company or your utility provider to find out whether your home is energy efficient and where you can improve its efficiency. This will save you money and increases your home’s value when you do decide to put it on the market.

4) Bathrooms and water pressure

A lot of a home’s value has to do with the experience or perceived experience the buyer will have while living in it relative to the asking price.

The bathroom is a great place to start making sure a buyer senses that they will have a good experience living in your home. The water pressure in the shower is probably one of the most important if not the most important experience-based asset to a bathroom. 

Address and enhance the water pressure of your shower or showers on your property as much as you can.

5) Detail the kitchen

Similarly, a lot of people want to purchase a home with a kitchen that is already fairly upgraded or very upgraded.

If you can upgrade your kitchen in any capacity, whether that be adding a dishwasher or an on-tap water filter, or garbage disposal, or all three – these are things that increase value since they won’t have to be renovated post-sale by the buyer.

6) Knock down walls

This really comes down to the experience in the home, as discussed above, which directly relates to value. Being able to have access to the kitchen area while someone is sitting in the living room, for example, to a lot of interested buyers has value. 

If you can knock down walls and drastically enhance the day-to-day experience and feel of your home, this is a great way to increase its value as well.

7) Create an outdoor experience

Adding a deck or outdoor experience of sorts not only will increase square footage but creating an outdoor experience of sorts also increases the value of your home.

Renovate your backyard so that there is something there that can be experienced and relished in on a regular basis. It may not have to be extravagant, but it does have to be there to increase your home’s value. 

Fire pits are a nice touch, but simply a small deck with a table and a clear area for a firepit or a grill is enough to offer the space for an outdoor experience in your house.

8) Upgrade the furnace

Appliance upgrades aren’t the most exciting renovations but they do drastically increase your home’s value, and immediately make your home more low-maintenance. A low-maintenance home, especially in 2019, has more value.

Upgrade your furnace, especially if it’s particularly outdated (and not quite as energy efficient as it can be).

9) Address the water heater

Similarly, the water heater being upgraded will make your home more low-maintenance from the get-go as well. This one may seem small, but it actually is important enough to deserve its own mention. 

Nothing is worse than running out of hot water while you’re in the shower or in the middle of washing dishes. If a house has an upgraded water heating system plus a stellar shower pressure situation, its value goes way up! 

10) Perfect the roof

Upgrading and perfecting the roof adds a ton of value to your home and lessens a lot of fear in a buyer that there will be or may be an emergency repair soon after purchasing your home. That in itself inherently increases the value of your property. 

If your home has a new roof and another home’s roof needs a bit of work, your property has increased value and simultaneously creates less worry for a buyer. After all, the property is literally the “roof over their head”, and if you can give them some extra sense of security here in any capacity, it will work in your favor. 
Increasing your home’s property value in 2019 effectively has a lot to do with understanding the values of the modern buyer. Experience is key, as always, and square footage is king, but energy efficiency and a general sense of security and an investment in a low-maintenance home is especially important to the modern day property buyer. Keep these 10 top home renovations for 2019 in mind as you approach increasing the value on your home, and when it comes time to sell, you’ll be able to sell smart and be more than set up to have your property hit the market with unmatched value.